Collection: Hop Water 1 Gallon kit

Sparkling hop water is a non-alcoholic carbonated water with the flavoring of hops.

0% alcohol and is a flavored sparkling water. Use your soda stream to carbonate to desired carbonation level.

Make a hop tea and add about a shot glass to a can of seltzer
or add 1 shot to your soda stream bottle and carbonate to your desired sparkle.
The hop tea is made from a ratio of 1 gram of hop pellets per 100 ml of hot water (170F) let brew for 20 minutes.(do not boil just let it steep)
Let the tea get cold before adding to carbonated water.
Make 1L of hop tea for 5L of hop water.
-Optional-After steeping tea try adding a PINCH of nutritional yeast-helps bio transform hops to make the flavour pop.